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Which mberry Product is For You?

It’s that time of year again. We can feel it in the air, there’s a crispness, a coldness to the wind. The leaves are starting to fall from the trees and we can sense a change, a shift in the universe. I know what you’re thinking, Christmas is still 2 weeks away, now is when we start to panic because we have no idea what to get. 

Why is this gift guide the best of the year? Because it comes from us. From the outgoing, adventurous type, to the quiet and reserved. Here is a personal curated list of our products and the people who would enjoy them most. No guessing games required. 


mberry Miracle Fruit Tablets

Our Miracle Fruit Tablets are perfect for those who want to host a small flavor tripping gathering. Perfect for those who want to keep the party intimate, by inviting only their closest friends and family to experience the taste sensations.

This is also the preferred gift for stocking stuffers. With its size and odd shape, no one will ever guess what the gift is until they pull it out of their stocking, a sure way to surprise.


mberry Miracle Fruit Tablets, 2 Pack

The mberry tablet 2 pack is the ultimate gift for the larger-than-life personality who wants to share laughter and unforgettable moments with many people, and have plenty of fun along the way. 

The mberry 2 pack is also a great gift for anyone who can’t resist sweetness. The mberry package turns almost any food into something sweet, and it’s a wonderful gift for those with a huge sweet tooth.


mberry Freeze Dried Miracle Berries

Our freeze dried berries are the top gift you can give to the one who wants to pursue a healthy or healthier lifestyle. With 25 berries, there is enough for a berry a day for a month. We prefer these over the tablets in this instance because their potency is perfect for one meal. With tablets, the sweetening effect can last hours since there are approximately 3 berries in one tablet.


Miracle Berry Cookbook

If you have a foodie in your life, you can't go wrong with this cookbook. With recipes from breakfast to cocktails, it is all a single person could need. These recipes may mind bend and create inspiration for a true food lover. Not to mention, it was written by a Michelin star chef, Homaro Cantu. He has changed the way people have prepared and presented food. He is known for his work in molecular gastronomy at his restaurants in Chicago.


Miracle Fruit Bundle

If you really want to give someone the grandest gift, this is the route to go. This miracle fruit bundle includes one of everything from mberry. A sampler of the best and greatest products nature could give us. Included are the mberry Miracle Fruit Tablets, the Freeze Dried Miracle Berries, and the Miracle Berry Cookbook. Instead of guessing which one this special person may want, why not get all three? Make sure you’re recording when they open their present, it is not something you will want to miss!

Miracle Berry Tree

The perfect option for the one with the green thumb. While this plant can have an attitude, it has huge potential in any collection. It might test patience, but you must wait to reap the benefits.

Adding more oxygen into your home or your recipient's, it makes a great purifying plant. Once the plant produces fruit, you can now have a flavor tripping party together. That is in the very fine print with each sale of a tree. We also include intense care instructions! No plant killers here!

miracle berry tree
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