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mberry Miracle Fruit Tablets (2 Pack)

mberry Miracle Fruit Tablets (2 Pack)

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Make Life Twice As Sweet

Let an mberry Miracle Fruit Tablet dissolve on your tongue, and you’re ready to turn sour and bitter foods into sweet ones. Each pack comes with 10 tablets (so, 20 in total) for lots of flavor tripping fun.

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At mberry, we thrive on embracing life's playful moments. Whether you're on a quest for a healthier lifestyle or just enjoying some flavor tripping fun, we're all in for the joy of playing with your food. It's not just allowed—it's encouraged!

Berries with Real Benefits

Ignite a sensory adventure with mberry Miracle Fruit Tablets and add a burst of excitement to your daily routine. Our tablets are not just a dietary addition; they're a gateway to experiencing food in a whole new way, making every bite an unforgettable journey. Crafted with real, simple ingredients, mberry offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience that turns the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Each tablet is packed with the magic of the miracle fruit, organically grown and harvested, combined with nothing but pure, natural corn starch. The result? A perfect fusion that's all about purity and simplicity. This powerful duo works to temporarily modify your taste buds, making sour and bitter foods taste sweet. It’s the perfect complement to your healthy lifestyle; natural, with no added sugars, colors, preservatives, or fillers. Just pure, unadulterated joy.

  • Features

    • 100% Organic
    • No Added Fillers, Colors, or Preservatives
    • 0 Calories, 0g Sugar, 0g Total Fat
    • Gluten-Free
    • Handpicked Berries
    • Secret Freeze-Dried Technology
    • 24 Hour Sealed Freshness
  • How To Use

    1. Place one tablet into mouth
    2. Gather food pairings
    3. Allow the tablet to dissolve completely, approximately 1-2 minutes
    4. Enjoy foods!

  • Can Be Used For

    1. Flavor Tripping
    2. Cooking
    3. Eating Healthy
    4. Education
    5. Museum Exhibits
    6. Diabetes
    7. Chemotherapy
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