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mberry Freeze Dried Miracle Berries

mberry Freeze Dried Miracle Berries

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The whole berry (isn’t that sweet?)

Chew an mberry Freeze Dried Berry (avoiding and discarding the seed) for thirty seconds and then get ready for a sweet sensation. Lemons and limes are no longer sour. Oranges and strawberries taste like candy. Even mustard and vinegar will taste delicious. Each container comes with 25 individually wrapped berries for lots of flavor tripping fun.

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    At mberry, we thrive on embracing life's playful moments. Whether you're on a quest for a healthier lifestyle or just enjoying some flavor tripping fun, we're all in for the joy of playing with your food. It's not just allowed—it's encouraged!

    mberry freeze dried miracle berry nutrition facts

    Berries with Real Benefits

    Step into a world where taste transcends the ordinary, with mberry Freeze-Dried Miracle Berries. These aren't just additions to your diet; they're keys to unlocking a sensory revolution, transforming every meal into an extraordinary exploration of flavors. Sourced from the finest, organically grown miracle fruit and preserved through freeze-drying, mberry promises purity and simplicity in every berry.

    With the natural wonder of the miracle fruit, carefully freeze-dried to capture its essence and power. This method ensures that all you get is the fruit in its most potent form, ready to change your perception of taste. The Miracle Berries work wonders on your taste buds, making sour and bitter foods taste delightfully sweet. Embrace a healthier way of living with these natural, sugar-free, and additive-free delights. Experience pure joy, one berry at a time.

    • Features

      • 100% Organic
      • No Added Fillers, Colors, or Preservatives
      • 2 Calories, 0g Sugar, 0g Total Fat
      • Gluten-Free
      • Handpicked Berries
      • Secret Freeze-Dried Technology
      • 24 Hour Sealed Freshness
    • How To Use

      1. Place one freeze dried Miracle Berry on tongue
      2. Chew on flesh for thirty seconds (Do not eat the seed)
      3. Move the berry around your tongue to coat your taste buds
      4. Once dissolved, begin enjoying foods!
    • Can Be Used For

      1. Flavor Tripping
      2. Cooking
      3. Eating Healthy
      4. Education
      5. Museum Exhibits
      6. Diabetes
      7. Chemotherapy
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