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Trailblazers from the Beginning

We stumbled upon the miracle berry in 2008 when it was more expensive than its weight in gold. Recognizing its potential health and social impact before anyone else, mberry strived to produce the best products and make them available across the country.

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Countries that we operate out of and are expanding every year.
Fifteen years of delivering reliable, organic, high-quality miracle berry products.
mberry tablets sold every year and enjoyed for a flavor-tripping time.

How to Flavor Trip

History of the
Miracle Berry

The fruit is native to Africa’s Gold Coast and historically integral to everyday diet for tribes spread across modern day Sierra Leone, Ghana, and Nigeria. Kankies, an acidic cornbread, Pitto, a sour palm wine, and Guddoe, a tart gruel were made delicious by the miracle fruit.

The miracle fruit was first introduced to the Western world by the French explorer Chevalier des Marchais in 1725 and have intrigued scientists around the globe ever since.

mberry bases our miracle fruit farms in Taiwan to replicate a suitable, humid environment. We use cutting edge technology to preserve the fruit’s magic entities and bring them to your door, swiftly and affordably.

It all began with the simple desire to share…

… the wonderful effects of miracle berry with family and friends. That idea grew into a company committed to making one of the world’s rarest berries and all of its benefits available to everyone.

mberry was born in 2008 to offer a revolutionary new taste sensation through a line of all-natural miracle berry products. Our products contain no added sugars or additives and are made from only the finest selection of miracle berries in the world.

As the world’s leading producer, distributor and promoter of the miracle berry products, we are in the business of making life sweeter one miracle berry at a time.

Where We Grow
Our Berries

Mature Farming
Our miracle berries are grown across 23 acres of land in southern Taiwan, where the humidity and temperature is perfect for nurturing our trees.
Full Harvest
We have over 37,000 miracle berry trees. Majority are over 20 years old and bear an abundance of berries each season.
Our farms meet the highest environment standards and are fully organic, to guarantee you experience flavor miracles as nature intended it.