Our Sweet Beginnings

mberry was introduced to the Miracle Berry in 2008, when it was more expensive than its weight in gold. Recognizing its potential health and social impact before anyone else, we began to produce the best miracle fruit products and make them available to flavor trippers and those looking to cut down their sugar consumption across the US.

As the world’s leading producer, distributor, and promoter of Miracle Berry products, we are in the business of making life sweeter one Miracle Berry at a time.

  • 23

    Acres of sustainable farm we own in Taiwan, where the humidity and temperature are perfect for miracle fruit plants.

  • 37,000

    Miracle fruit plants on our farm, many over 20 years old.

  • +1.2M

    mberry Miracle Fruit Tablets sold every year since 2008.

mberry Culture

mberry is a company built around ethically providing a superior product. Our company strives to advance these five major principles:

flavor tripping part on yellow table with hands reaching for grapefruit oranges pineapple and drinks

We believe that eating healthy doesn’t have to be a bitter pill to swallow

With all the delicious (and easy to get) sugary choices that surround us, it’s hard to always eat healthy. But when you can transform any food into a sugary-sweet delight with a simple mberry Miracle Fruit Tablet, making that that healthy choice is much easier. No sugar. No added calories. Just the natural goodness of your healthy snack naturally enhanced by mother nature.

Ethical & Sustainable

Where We Grow Our Berries

Mature Farming

Our Miracle Berries are grown across 23 acres of land in southern Taiwan, where the humidity and temperature is perfect for nurturing our trees.

Full Harvest

We have over 37,000 Miracle Berry trees. Majority are over 20 years old and bear an abundance of beautify berries each season.


Our farms meet the highest environment standards and are fully organic, to guarantee you experience flavor miracles as nature intended it.