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Dump Sugar
Everyday foods sweeeter and tastier with less sugar. Recreate your favorite sweet treats.
Boost Your Taste
Enhance foods to reach optimal flavor. Discover what was not there before Miracle Berries.
All Natural Fun
100% organic and hand-picked Miracle Berries — no added preservatives, colors, or fillers.
Transform Fruits & Veggies
Make fruit sweet beyond thoughts. Veggies have never tasted so delicious and flavorful.
Try Something New & Fun

Flavor Trip with mberry

The possibilities are endless with mberry. Transforming any foods that are sour, sweet, spicy, or bitter. Here are the top picks from millions around the world:


Normally Tastes Like:

Sour, Acidic, Bitter, Tart

After mberry:

Sweet Lemonade

Sour Cream

Normally Tastes Like:

Tangy, Acidic

After mberry:

Cannoli Filling

Apple Cider Vinegar

Normally Tastes Like:

Acidic, Sour, Tart

After mberry:

Apple Juice

About Us

Trailblazers from the Beginning

What started as a venture by two college students has transformed into a viral sensation, changing lives from adventure seekers to health enthusiasts. Our mission is to craft the finest Miracle Berry products in the world.
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Ethical & Sustainable

Where We Grow Our Berries

Mature Farming

Our Miracle Berries are grown across 23 acres of land in southern Taiwan, where the humidity and temperature is perfect for nurturing our trees.

Full Harvest

We have over 37,000 Miracle Berry trees. Majority are over 20 years old and bear an abundance of beautify berries each season.


Our farms meet the highest environment standards and are fully organic, to guarantee you experience flavor miracles as nature intended it.


Are mberry Miracle Fruit Tablets all natural?

Yes. They are 100% organic, 0 calories, and gluten free. The only ingredients are miracle fruit powder and corn starch (to bind it all together). There are approximately 3 Miracle Berries in one tablet.

Are mberry Freeze Dried Berries and Miracle Fruit Tablets safe?

Of course. The Miracle Berry (synsepalum dulcificum) has been eaten for hundreds of years. There are no side effects and all regular effects fade after a short time.

How do mberry tablets work?

Basically, a protein in Miracle Berries (called miraculin) binds to the sweet receptors on your tongue. When it experiences acids (the things that make foods sour), they change shape of the receptors causing them to send sweet signals to your brain instead of sour. It’s a miracle!

How long does an mberry Freeze Dried Berry and Miracle Fruit Tablet last?

Your taste bud transformation sensation will last anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours. It’s different for each of us and changes based on the foods you try. Your sweetness may vary.

What are the best foods to try it with?

Sour, bitter, and acidic foods seem to work the best: lemons, limes, oranges, strawberries, granny smith apples, and even vinegar. Mustard will taste like sweet honey mustard. Just stay away from fatty foods like milk and warm liquids. Those strip the miraculin from your tongue and make the effect wear off faster.