Flavor tripping gift basket with mberry miracle fruit tablets, chamberlain coffee, seedless lemons, tabasco, hu chocolate, siete chips, sir kensington ketchup, limes, and la croix

Flavor Tripping Gift Basket

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What is flavor tripping? Well it is simply the act of eating Miracle Fruit and then trying different foods! It originates from New York City when Miracle Fruit began to take off in popularity.

Firsts things first. Choosing the mberry product. 

Miracle Fruit Tablets 

The number one option. They are suitable for any age and also make a great stocking stuffer. mberry offers both 10 and 20 tablets. If you plan on taking part of this gift, we suggest the Miracle Fruit Tablets, 2 Pack (20 tablets) for inspiration to share. The more tablets, the merrier! You can choose 10 tablets if you want...but more is always better!

mberry Miracle Fruit Tablets 2 Pack


Now onto the other items you should include. Here is a curated list of the best things to build your Flavor Tripping gift basket. 


1. Lemons

Fresh citrus works best with Miracle Fruit. When eaten, the lemons transform into the juiciest, sweetest lemon you will ever taste. It makes us drool just thinking about it. It is the perfect time to pick out the biggest and ripest lemons as they are officially in season! 

wonderful seedless lemons in a green bag

2. Tabasco

You can only get this hot sauce because others do not have the same effect. People often describe the mix of Miracle Fruit and Tabasco to be similar to the glaze that comes on a fresh hot donut. While it may still be spicy, the Miracle Fruit brings out the true taste. 
Tabasco hot sauce

3. Cheese

The best cheese is pungent. We highly recommend bleu or goat cheese. I prefer goat cheese with some fruit, but it is all preference and what is available. Depending on the cheese type, it can taste similar to cake frosting or a sweet, creamy treat on fruit. 
Cranberry Chèvre Goat Cheese from Trader Joe's

4. Limes

Similar to lemons, limes turn into a sweet juice, minus the 50 grams of added sugar. You can also choose to use key limes, similar except smaller and have a more floral taste. While these are not in season, do not opt for lime juice, the experience is never the same. 
Limes in a bag

5. Coffee

This is a personal favorite. I love choosing a coffee that already has some good flavor like Chamberlain Coffee. However, the tip is to add a squeeze of lemon juice to the fresh brewed cup of joe. Adding the juice gives the coffee a sweeter taste and adds more dimension. With Miracle Fruit, coffee is less bitter and you are able to taste the natural flavors of the beans, but depending on the type, you may not get sweetness without the lemon. 
Chamberlain Coffee in cake batter blend

6. Dark Chocolate

Using dark chocolate is not only a great thing to consume, but with Miracle Fruit, it is even more delectable. We recommend a chocolate with a high percentage and small amounts of added sugars (5 grams or less). Our personal favorites are HU and Endangered Species.
HU Dark chocolate bar

7. Salt & Vinegar Chips

We always recommend these for the strong vinegar taste. With Miracle Fruit, it becomes much sweeter and gives a salty & sweet treat with 0 grams of sugar. Be cautious as eating too many can irritate your mouth. 
Siete sea salt & vinegar kettle cooked chips

8. La Croix

I will tell you now, I cannot stand bubbly water, however Miracle Fruit and La Croix is the perfect combination. The flavor from the bubbles disappears and the flavor is heightened. This takes the spot for one of my favorite beverages since there is 0 sugars and it fulfills my need for a sweet drink with a burger. 
la croix passionfruit sparkling water beverage

9. Ketchup

We put this one in here because it is just odd. Ketchup is just more sweet. And who doesn't need more ketchup in their fridge? While ketchup is one of the sneakiest foods that have added sugars, we will let this one slide. 
sir kensington classic ketchup

Special Mentions: Olipop soda, dill pickles, and balsamic vinegar. 


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