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5 Easy Steps to a VDAY Date with mberry

Experience the magic of mberry tablets or freeze dried berries this Valentine's Day. Set the scene with candles, select your favorite nibbles, and indulge in a flavor adventure with someone special. Explore our curated recipes for a memorable taste journey.

  1. Get your mberry
    • Decide whether the tablet or freeze dried berries are more up your alley. We love freeze dried to go with a foodie theme
  2. Choose a place
    • Choosing the place is not as crucial. As long as it is with someone you care about. Try setting up a blanket in the living room or backyard with candles (preferably battery operated).
  3. Grab the food
    • Get a nice array of foods such as stinky cheese, strawberries, and of course something bubbly. The best are goat cheese, lemons, strawberries, and caviar.
  4. Valentine trip
    • Place either a berry or tablet on your tongue and use like a mint. If you're using the freeze dried berry, do not bite into the seed. When the Miracle Berry is dissolved, the effects begin immediately. Enjoy!

Get Printable Valentine Grams here

    We have included a few recipes below to try: