Why are Miracle Berries Expensive?

Why are Miracle Berries Expensive?

Machinery Options
In the meticulous process of harvesting Miracle Fruit, machinery is notably absent. The delicacy of this task far exceeds what any machine could accomplish, especially when considering the gentle nature of Miracle Fruit. To draw a parallel, imagine a blueberry bush being shaken to dislodge its berries. Such a method simply cannot be applied to Miracle Fruit due to its fragile nature. Once the fruit makes contact with the ground, it is deemed unsuitable for use. This is because Miracle Fruit is prone to bruising, compromising its quality unless it is picked with the utmost care.

Harvesting Magic Berries
The duration required to harvest Miracle Fruit can vary greatly, influenced by factors such as the farm's size and the workforce involved. In some instances, completing the harvest might span from several weeks to a few months. This time-consuming process ensures that each fruit is picked at its peak to maintain the highest quality.

Choosing Quality over Quantity
Quality control is paramount in our selection process, with a rigorous standard that only the finest berries meet our criteria. Each berry is handpicked, scrutinized for perfection. Berries showing any signs of bruising or imperfections are immediately discarded. This meticulous attention to detail guarantees that only the best berries make it into our products, ensuring a premium experience for our customers.

Rules & Regulations
Miracle Berries, while entirely safe for consumption by humans and pets alike, are subject to specific rules and community guidelines. One notable regulation is the prohibition of using Miracle Berries as an ingredient in other products. Since the 1970s, the FDA has classified Miracle Berries as a non-approved food additive, placing them in the same category as certain preservatives used in jellies and similar products. This classification means that, despite not having FDA approval, Miracle Berries have been consumed for centuries with no reported adverse long-term effects. The consumption of Miracle Berries leads to a temporary alteration in taste perception, a unique and safe experience that has fascinated people for generations.

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