Miracle berry tree with miracle fruit

How It Works: Miracle Fruit

Your senses have been altered – and things that should taste sour taste sweet. Not to worry though, we’re not talking about drugs here. The tablet you consumed was a miracle berry, also known as mberry, the pill that makes everything taste sweet; what you experienced is referred to as flavor tripping. The miracle berry contains a glycoprotein that has the ability to change taste, altering your perception of sour, sweet, and other flavors. Sounds cool right? It is no wonder that the demand for these magic berries has been on the rise recently!

What Are Miracle Fruit Berries?

Where the Miracle Fruit Grows

Miracle berry tree with miracle fruit

Synsepalum dulcificum, more popularly known as the miracle berry, is a red berry native to tropical West Africa. The magic berry was initially discovered in 1725 when an explorer named Chevalier des Marchais noticed the native people chewed these African miracle fruits before eating meals. He soon realized that the natives were consuming the mysterious miracle berry to alter the taste buds and enhance the flavor of their foods, particularly those that were dull or sour in taste. Though the local population had been utilizing its miraculous properties for centuries, it wasn’t until 1968 that the miracle berry came to the United States.

How Miracle Berries Taste on Their Own

magic berries in a mound shape all pile don top of each other

So how does this so-called miracle fruit berry – mberry taste? Some might be surprised to learn that the miracle fruit berry – mberry itself actually does not taste like much at all. However, the seemingly flavorless magic berry packs a big punch. Though consuming the magical berry, itself gives a dull flavor at best, the flavor of foods you consume afterward will surprise you! The miracle fruit berry – mberry causes foods that would usually be sour to taste exceedingly sweet. That’s why this magic fruit is most commonly known as the berry that makes sour taste sweet.

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How Does the Miracle Fruit Work?

fresh miracle berry with a sliced lime behind it

How Miraculin Interacts with Taste Buds

Scientists have isolated the protein in the magic berry responsible for this extraordinary effect. Due to the magic berry’s ability to completely alter the flavor of foods, the protein was appropriately named Miraculin. But how does this protein change taste buds and make everything sweet?

It is important to first understand how our taste buds respond under normal conditions before understanding how miracle berries work. Every person has several different types of receptors on their taste buds. These receptors help us discriminate between sweet, sour, bitter and savory tastes. So if you were to bite a lime, for example, your sour receptors would begin firing, signaling that the flavor you are detecting is sour.

However, Miraculin binds strongly to the receptors found on the human tongue. Because miraculin in the magic fruit changes shape when exposed to acids, it causes corresponding changes in the way the receptors on our tongue respond to these acids. In this way, miraculin in the miracle berry rewires the sweet receptors to identify acids as sugars instead. So, if you were to bite a lime after eating a miracle berry, your sweet receptors would fire, making you perceive a sweet taste rather than a sour taste.

How to Eat Miracle Fruit Berries

On the left, miracle fruit vertically, miracle fruit laying horizontally, miracle fruit cut in hald with seed, miracle fruit seed

For miracle fruit berries – mberry to have their full effect, it is important to understand the best way to consume them. Miracle fruit berries – mberry typically exist in two forms –  the fresh berry itself or in miracle fruit tablets – mberry which are the exact same thing but grinded down into powder to have a longer shelf life, and consumption varies between the two.

mberry Freeze-Dried Miracle Berries

mberry freeze dried miracle berries on a wooden board with the miracle fruit lined up on the right of the packaging

To get the best effects from a mberry – freeze-dried miracle fruit berry, start by placing a berry in your mouth. As you suck on the miracle fruit, the skin will start to disintegrate and easily separate from the pit. Swirl the mberry freeze-dried miracle fruit pulp in your mouth for about a minute, allowing it to coat your tongue. Make sure to spit out the seed.

Sour to Sweet mberry Miracle Fruit Tablets

a miracle berry and a mberry miracle berry tablet sin the front. Followed by a snake like line of miracle berries behind

Consumption of the mberry miracle fruit tablets is slightly easier since you do not have to worry about separating the skin and pulp from the pit. How to eat the mberry miracle fruit tablet: simply place the tablet in your mouth and roll it around all over on your tongue, like a mint, until the mberry miracle fruit tablet fully dissolves.

How Long Do the mberry Effects Last?

The amount of time the mberry miracle fruit exerts its effects can vary. Like anything, the mberry miracle fruit berry varies based on individual differences; some people will experience a more drastic effect after consuming mberry than others. Typically, you will feel the effects of the miraculin for anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours, pending your own personal anatomy. The strength of the effect will diminish as more time elapses from when you first consumed mberry and based upon how much foods are eaten.

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What You Need to Know?

mberry Miracle Fruit Benefits

miracle berries with a lemon, lime, and grapefruit. Arranged in a triangle with miracle fruit in the middle

With the ability to make food taste sweet with a fraction of the calories as actual sweet food, the miracle berry has positive implications for diabetics or those trying to lose weight. By eliminating the need for sugar, miraculin allows one to enjoy the pleasure of a sweet taste by consuming an otherwise bland food item. Additionally, the mberry has found success among cancer patients who struggle with their appetite during treatment. Chemotherapy commonly causes food to taste metallic, curbing the patient’s appetite, but the mberry can combat this effect by making the same food taste more enjoyable.

Miracle Berry Side Effects

Because the mberry masks the actual taste of food and makes it taste deliciously sweet, one potential mberry side effect is that people might indulge in higher quantities of harmful products. By masking a person’s natural tastes, which have largely evolved as a mechanism for survival, people may be at risk of consuming food that could be detrimental to their system.

For example, make sure to limit the amount of lemon juice and vinegar consumed especially on an empty stomach. Make sure to eat solid foods with lemon juice and vinegar as consuming on an empty stomach will cause you discomfort, with or without mberry.

Final Takeaway

On the left, miracle fruit vertically, miracle fruit laying horizontally, miracle fruit cut in hald with seed, miracle fruit seed

The appeal of the mberry miracle fruit is undeniable, whether as mberry freeze-dried miracle fruit berries or mberry miracle fruit tablets. A slice of lime that would otherwise make your face pucker with discomfort instead turns into a euphoric burst of sugar, apple cider vinegar becomes apple juice, a pickle tastes as though it has been coated in honey. With the simple consumption of a single berry or magic berry tablet, you have the ability to turn otherwise bland or unpleasant food taste as sweet as candy. As long as you remain conscious and mindful of what you put into your body while under the effects of the taste changing pill, this magic fruit will help you enjoy the wonderful adventure of flavor tripping!

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