Melted Mayhem with orange juice, half and half, vanilla, and ice garnished with an orange slice

Mocktails with Miracle Fruit

Get ready to ignite the mocktail madness! We've handpicked a sensational array of beverages, inspired by the legendary Chef Homaro Cantu with the use of Magic Berries. While these measurements tantalize our taste buds, we know yours might dance to a different beat. So, let's don our creative aprons, hit the kitchen, and embark on a thrilling flavor expedition! It's time to mix, blend, and concoct some serious fun!

Before consuming: 

  • Place one tablet in mouth and dissolve
  • Crush tablets into a fine powder and coat rim or a portion of glass using water
  • Ingredient portions based off of our taste buds, they may need adjusting


Polar Cherry

A sweet polar bear offered me a drink. Mmmm cherry, mmmm sweet dark syrup.


Polar crush mocktail with balsamic glaze, cherry juice, and sparkling water.
  • 3 oz natural cherry juice
  • 3 oz sparkling water
  • 1 *pipette of balsamic glaze (0.5-1 teaspoon)
  • Ice
  • Fresh cherry with stem 


  1. Fill a 6 oz glass with ice cubes
  2. Pour the cherry juice and sparkling water over the ice in the glass
  3. Using the pipette, add balsamic vinegar inside and serve with glass to allow yourself to add the right amount
  4. Garnish with a fresh cherry 

Note: The pipette can hold approximately 1/4 to 1/2 oz of liquid, depending on the size of the pipette. Adjust the amount of balsamic vinegar used to your personal taste. The pipette is for decoration but can be omitted.

Inspired by: Cherry Coca-Cola by Chef Cantu


 A spin on a miracle mojito, just add sweetness.


Mira-jito with lime juice, mint, ginger, and sparkling water.
  • 1 oz lime juice
  • 1/4 cup loosely packed fresh mint leaves, muddled
  • 1/2 tsp fresh ginger, peeled and grated
  • 3 oz sparkling water
  • Ice 
  • Curled lime zest or lime wedge and mint 


  1. Fill a 6 oz glass with ice cubes
  2. In a shaker, muddle fresh mint leaves and fresh grated ginger
  3. Add lime juice, sparkling water, and ice 
  4. Stir gently until cold
  5. Pour over ice. Straining is optional
  6. Garnish with a lime or ginger, and serve

Note: Adjust the amount of lime juice and ginger used to your personal taste. Also, you can adjust the amount of sparkling water used if you prefer a stronger or weaker drink.

Inspired by: Mojito by Chef Cantu

Butterfly Effects

Two effects for the price of one, and no repercussions…that are known. 


butterfly effects drink with lemon juice and butterfly pea tea
  • 2 oz lemon juice
  • 3 oz butterfly pea tea 
    • 1 butterfly pea flower tea bag or 1 tsp of loose leaf tea steeped 
    • 6 oz boiling water (for steeping)
  • Ice
  • Piece of butterfly tea flower for garnish or edible purple flower


  1. Steep the butterfly pea tea in 6 oz of boiling water for 5-10 minutes until desired color is achieved
  2. Remove tea bag or strain loose leaves and cool
  3. Fill a 6 oz glass with ice cubes
  4. Add butterfly pea tea to glass and top with ice
  5. Garnish with lemon slice, pieces of tea, or purple edible flower
  6. When ready to serve, pour lemonade over the tea to show the color changing effects

Note: Adjust the amount of lemon juice and tea used to your personal taste. 

Inspired by: Arnold Palmer

Colada Crush

Surf the brain waves on this beach inspired mocktail.


pina colada with coconut water, pineapple juice or chunks, lime juice, and garnished with a pineapple leaf
  • 3 oz coconut water
  • 1.5 oz pineapple juice or slightly muddled chunks
  • ½ oz  lime juice
  • Ice
  • Pineapple leaf


  1. Combine coconut water, pineapple juice or muddled chunks and lime juice and shake, stir, or blend with ice until cold and smooth
  2. Pour into glass 
  3. Garnish with pineapple leaf and serve

Note: You may need to adjust the ice depending on the blender. You can omit the blender for a thinner consistency with pineapple juice and serve over ice. If the flavor is not coconut enough, add a tiny bit of coconut extract or coconut meat that can enhance the flavor even more. 

Inspired by: Pina Colada by Chef Cantu

Ruby’s Rosemary Refresher

Our neighbor Ruby was raving about her new rosemary plant and offered us inside for a refreshing beverage!


ruby's rosemary refresher with grapefruit juice, rosemary, and sparkling water. garnished with fresh rosemary
  • 2 oz grapefruit juice
  • 1 sprig of rosemary (can hit with fire to emerge the flavor or muddle)
  • 3 oz sparkling water
  • Ice
  • Garnish with fire rosemary or add fresh if muddled


  1. Muddle the rosemary in the bottom of a glass to release flavor or quickly heat the rosemary with a lighter or torch to enhance the flavor and place on side of glass
  2. Fill a 6 oz glass with ice cubes
  3. Pour in the grapefruit juice and stir if fire heated rosemary
    1. Alternatively, you can muddle in a shaker and add grapefruit juice and ice and shake until cold and strain into fresh glass with ice
  4. Add sparkling water to top 
  5. Garnish with a fresh sprig of rosemary

Inspired by: Grapefruit Rosemary Spritzer

Melted Mayhem

It's 5pm and the ice cream truck’s refrigeration broke. Now you’re left with a melted mess of a creamsicle. 


Melted Mayhem with orange juice, half and half, vanilla, and ice garnished with an orange slice
  • 2 oz orange juice
  • 1 oz half and half
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla (optional)
  • Ice
  • Orange slice
  • Wood craft stick


  1. Combine the orange juice, half and half, and vanilla extract in a shaker
  2. Add ice to the cocktail shaker and shake vigorously for 10-15 seconds to mix the ingredients together
  3. Strain the mixture into a glass filled with ice
  4. Garnish with an orange slice, wooden stick, and serve

Inspired by: Creamsicle Shot by Chef Cantu


Unleash your inner mixologist with these upcoming recipes that are designed for you to test and master. Bid farewell to measurements and embrace the freedom of creativity with a focus on the ingredients alone. It's time to step into the realm of true mixology and craft your own signature drinks.

    Banana Split

    The only banana split you wont slip on

    • Cherry juice
    • Lemon juice
    • Cocoa powder
    • Banana infused milk
    • Blended cottage cheese or sour cream for topping

    Churro Doughnut

    Ever wondered what a churro tastes like in smoothie form?

    • Cinnamon
    • Blended jasmine rice
    • Orange juice
    • Liquid smoke (hint: only a dash)
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