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  • gbiermann
    Since starting a maintenance chemo 5 years ago, my ability to taste has been reduced substantially. This is on of the more common and frustrating side effects. All my taste was so reduced that I couldn’t taste many things. Mberry has brought back my ability to taste everything, while still on the chemo. Mberry has reduced the burden of the chemo. I wish I learned about it 5 years ago.
  • April Priscilla
    I like to support products I love. I envision it’s what unicorn food tastes like. Magical ❤️ Never thought a lemon could taste so good.
  • Brook T
    I've tried both the pill form and now the the actual freeze dried berries; I prefer the pill form as they are just as effective, are cheaper, and you don't have to worry about the seed in the middle. However, it is easier to get new people to test out a freeze dried piece of fruit than taking a strange pill (depending on the type of people you hang out with) so I use these to introduce the effects to friends and family.
  • Philip Berrouet
    The product was very effective, I was so satisfied with my purchase, I ordered more! My second round of ordering got stuck in the mail, but customer service was very responsive and was an amazing experience. Thank you Mberry!
  • Tony Farr
    My kids see them on a YouTube channel and said they wanted to do the mymberry challenge so we got some and did it at the weekend. And we were all amazed that everything we could find that was sour tasted so sweet. It was certainly a fun evening for all and since have had loads of people asking about them so they could do it too. Will definitely buy more at some point to do it again 👍
  • Jacbo J
    These are really cool. Actual freeze dried berries, they block the sour receptors on your tongue, so everything ends up tasting sweet. You can eat a whole lemon and it'll taste like lemonade.
  • atlantic-art
    Omg buy this product! It is SO much fun. I hate sour things, anything that’s sour I gag on. But with these fun tablets I was drinking lemon juice straight out of the bottle and it tasted like lemonade! I’ll also mention I’m a Keto follower so I don’t eat sweets. If you’re like me then get this and you won’t be craving sweets any longer!!
  • Krissyk
    So much fun! We played with the berries a few weeks ago when we had guests visiting. Pickles, vinegar, bbq sauce, salad dressing, Tabasco, peppers, it’s all sweet.
  • Eva Carpenter
    It only took me a year to let them do the mberry challenge!!!! The faces they made were worth every second 🤣 #mberrychallenge #funnyboys #letthembekids